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Moative AI Venture Labs

Moative partners with hungry incumbents in primary industries, private equity firms that invest in asset-heavy industries. We discover AI-centric ideas in industrial contexts and partner with companies to launch new startups through our venture labs that act as their AI co-founders.



Applied AI Services for companies in our target industries.

Model: Consulting fee


Spin-out new startups or joint-ventures in partnership with our corporate  partners.

Model: Co-founders

PortCo. Support

Build AI-centric moats for portfolio companies of private equity firms.

Model: Fee + Equity

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The Perfect Wave

The founders of Moative have consulted Fortune 100 on their data and analytics strategy for more than 20 years. We have built and sold successful vertical data companies with ML, NLP, and data engineering at the core of our offerings. We have built and sold another company in the intersection of mobile and B2B marketplaces. We know the waves when we see them.

We see a perfect wall of a wave ahead.

The Moative Thesis & Value

The AI tools that deliver better customer experience, write good content, or prospect leads better are all focused on the operating costs. For industrial companies, asset productivity is directly linked to cost of goods sold and therefore gross margins. Moative will deliver gains for industrial companies through incremental AI & software innovation. With the right partners, we invest in ideas that have universal applicability across the industries of our interest. 

Our partners bring the data, know-how, and market access. We bring the AI & Software edge, founder mindset, and our experience in monetizing and scaling innovative ideas.


The Fellowship

Moative is building small, agent-first apps for various business workflows. We are looking for top AI engineers and industry experts to join us as fellows for a year. 

We show you how to take an idea to a sustainable, cash producing business in those 12 months.

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