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AI for your specialists to do truly special work.

Automate tasks, compress workflows, predict demand, price intelligently, and delight customers. 

Moative Applied AI Services division designs AI roadmaps, builds co-pilots, and predictive AI solutions for companies in energy, utilities, packaging, commerce, and other primary industries.

Through Moative Labs, we launch AI micro-products for businesses.

Moative Applied AI Services
for Primary Industries

Today, work is cut into tasks, rolled into jobs, and performed by specialists with narrow skills, supported by point software. 

The future of work is AI-augmented & boundary-less. Your moat comes from rapid productivity gains, through automation & re-engineering of workflows currently interrupted by traditional software.

AI delivers productivity that software did not

Core Transformation focuses on gains through AI, that directly impact the cost of goods sold. We help you kickstart the flywheel of better margins that can deliver growth and market share.

Blow past your industry's profit margins. Eat your competitor's market share.

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Data Preparation

Fundamental AI models are a commodity. Fine-tuning them for you is where the real value lies. But real moat of a superior, intelligent system comes the combination of your unique data, fine-tuned models, and systems that continue to learn and improve.

We have built, scaled and sold a data & machine learning company before. We prepare your data and make you AI-ready.

AI Roadmap

Generative AI models are abstracted out by platforms. Tools are developing at a rapid pace.


We keep track of the evolving landscape. We build, buy, and assemble as we explore the components not just for the current setup but prepare you for hyper-automation as infrastructure, compute capabilities, and models evolve.

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Core Transformation

Your chemists, traders, and power systems specialists and pricing analysts – each deserve a co-pilot that makes them superhuman.


Our data engineers, AI experts, and industry experts work with your specialists to build solutions that get them to invent, price, and go to market faster than ever.


Transform the core. Set a new industry benchmark.

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