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Core Transformation:
COGS Down. Profits Up.

Moative creates & implements AI transformation roadmaps for customers across industries. We focus on labor efficiency, process throughput increase, and smart machine operations – the core that reduces cost and changes our customers' profit profile.

Steam Engine > Railroads
Gasoline > Cars
AI > Super Factories

General Purpose Technologies like electricity, railroads, and gasoline redrew market landscapes. They reduced the cost of goods sold. Early adopters gained scale and market share.

Software, on the other hand, is a management tool and not a general purpose technology. Software has barely improved the US total productivity factor in the last 20 years. Operating margins of US primary industries have stayed flat at ~10% in the last 60 years.

Unlike software, AI makes manufacturing labor, process, and machine efficiency gains achievable through bespoke industrial automation, creating new moats.

AI is the new general purpose technology. Your industry profit profile is about to change forever.

Moative Applied AI Services

Core Transformation focuses on gains that directly impact the cost of goods sold. We help you kickstart the flywheel of better margins that can deliver growth and market share.

Data Preparation

Fundamental AI models are a commodity. Fine-tuning them for you is where the real value lies. But real moat of a superior, intelligent system comes from data.

We have built, scaled and sold a data company before. We prepare your data and make you AI-ready.

A long winding black road shouldered by

AI Roadmap

Generative AI models are abstracted out by platforms. Tools are developing at a rapid pace.


We keep track of the evolving landscape. We build, buy, and assemble as we explore the components not just for current fit but how they are likely to evolve.


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Core Transformation

We implement intelligence solutions that deliver better throughput for labor, process, & machines and better forecasting & predictions for inventory & pricing.


Our data engineers, AI experts, and industry experts work with your specialists to build solutions that are core to your business.


Transform the core. Set a new industry benchmark.

Your 'Right to Win' starts with the right AI strategy

We are in the 'more the merrier' phase of Generative AI. Even though many areas like plant maintenance are in the realm of traditional predictive analytics, the interface for the machine operator is getting revolutionized by Generative AI.

Every general purpose technology starts with experiments and custom deployments before they get commoditized. Markets are won, before the 'custom to commodity' inflection happens.

For primary industries, that window to build a lead over competition through AI, is the next three years. Moative tracks ideas, models, tools, processes, and infrastructure and their evolution across timeline, to build AI-based moats that exploit this window of opportunity.

It's time to rebuild the core moats. 

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